Our Passion

We are not selling you just a pair of boots; we are giving you an experience. The experience that opens up the boot making process to you and then sends you on your way.Read More

Our Process

There are several steps to making a pair of handmade Moran Boots. Our craftsmen will personally measure your feet and each detail to ensure the ideal comfort and fit. Read More

Our History

In the early 1970’s, Moran moved to San Antonio, Texas, and immediately found work in the prestigious Lucchese Boot Company, where he improved his skills and learned new techniques.Read More

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There is nothing as timeless as hand-sewn leather boots, stitched with precision, soled for whatever path you choose to tread. Moran’s Custom Leather Boots, in Weslaco, is a Texas tradition steered by hard work and an old-fashioned process that has been in their family for generations. This family owned company creates the boots that you design, custom shaped to your measurements, down to the last painstaking detail. You get to choose from a selection of stressed leathers and exotic skins, the style, and the embellishments, from your initials to team names, to specific graphics. Our craftsmen work your design into a pair of boots that are sure to take you down that unbeaten path.

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